AWStats fun and games

I decided that it would be nice to make use of one of the geoip plugins for awstats what I didn't bargain for was wasting over an hour because nobody bothered to say any more on the matter than "you need the geoip plugin". You have several choices, MaxMind have bunch you can use or there are various you can get through CPAN or ppm, I tried geo-ipfree which I got through ppm (I like ppm, with just install geo-ipfree I had it) but the results were crap 70% or more shown as "unknown ?" :(
Eventually after a spot of RTFM and STFW I came across a post on sourceforge which shed light on it.

  1. Take geo-ip-pureperl from maxmind
  2. Take geoip.db from maxmind
  3. unzip/tar them both
  4. From the pureperl package take /geo/ip/ from /lib/ and stick it in your awstats plugin dir
  5. Edit /awstats_plugindir/geo/ip/ and change the path to geoip.db to wherever you stuck it
  6. uncomment the appropriate line in awstats.yourdomain.conf


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