Lazy me

I still can't really be bothered to design a nice site and then maintain it so this is all there is, you could of course check out one of my other sites which are much more interesting.

A little project I have undertaken with the help, support and guidance of my friend Jason is Script Banana, it is a nice directory site for webmasters, web designers and web monkeys of every flavour. The site lists tons of great scripts and code samples from all over the web, whether you need a php guest book, an content management system, a cgi whois tool or a classic asp link manager you'll find it here. We will soon be taking submissions for the key areas (php, asp, and perl / cgi) so please feel free to tell us about your favourite script or component.

I have been teaching myself and visual and hope to use this space to show off some of my scripts and programs, although that is probably not going to happen too soon, as this is the first serious update this site has seen since its inception over two years ago. In that time I have tested and played with a perl based blog, several php content management systems and even tried my hand at various DIY pages, none of which I liked or could be bothered with past their setup, so down they came. This time I am keeping it simple with html and css so who knows.

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